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Latex Uniforms

Ditch the drab polyester and slip into the sleek, second-skin sensation of natural rubber latex uniforms. We are not talking kinky catsuits for the office (unless that’s your thing, no judgment), but a revolution in comfort and confidence.


  • A hug that never lets go (in a professional way): Latex conforms to your every curve, giving you a sculpted silhouette that’s bound to turn heads (figuratively, please keep your head at work).
  • Durable like a tax code: These uniforms can handle anything, from coffee spills to angry customers. Our Latex uniforms last longer than your faith in humanity. 
  • Waterproof like a politician’s alibi: Spill your secrets to anyone, these latex uniforms won’t leak a peep. They’re the ultimate confidante, even more trustworthy than a campaign promise!

    So ditch the boring, embrace the bold! Our Latex uniforms are the future of fashion, and maybe even the future of politics (if they could ever stick to a platform). Try a pair today and experience the stretchy satisfaction for yourself.

Mistress Mademoiselle Latex Uniforms


$159.00 USD

Horny Housekeeper Latex Uniforms


$159.00 USD

The Sweet Chambermaid Latex Uniforms


$99.00 USD

The Dirty Maid Latex Uniforms


$149.00 USD

The Naughty Chambermaid Latex Uniforms


$109.00 USD

Cash Crunch Queen Latex Uniforms


$149.00 USD

Kinky caregiver Latex Uniforms


$179.00 USD

Doctor Domination Latex Uniforms


$141.00 USD

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