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State of the art Digital Factory

How we make your shiny things!

The entrance to our factory and courtyard are as dramatic as our clothing.

Walking in is like a key to another world.  A world where fantasy and reality intermingle so that we can provide to you the best of latex clothing and the finest in designs!

Let us help you make your dream come true!

Have you ever wondered why latex clothes are so ridiculously expensive? Well, part of it obviously depends on the designer’s name and creativity, but mostly the answer lies in the material itself. Fine latex is hard to produce, which makes some of them very rare and leads to you buying, or wishing, for extravagant pieces of wardrobe that cost a fortune.


Zippers go beyond function. Don’t get me wrong, function is important! 

You’ll definitely notice it if your clothes fall out of your suitcase all over the baggage claim area or if you have a wardrobe malfunction in your pants, but choosing the right zipper and placing it or them in the right places can also enhance the style of your clothing.

Imagine a motorcycle jacket without zippers. Of course they serve a function, but if they were puny black zippers rather than bold metal the jacket wouldn’t have the same impact.

Zippers aren’t really as simple as they seem. They are made up of a number of parts that must each be well manufactured and work together harmoniously.

There are technical issues, as well as aesthetic issues, that must all be taken into consideration to make zippers work with latex and only those that wear latex will really understand how a good zipper works, fits and even feels when properly made.  



But let’s be honest here.  The quality and the comfort of good latex are unmatched. Not to mention when they are made by people that know latex sheet who take the time to ensure the quality they themselves want you can expect higher price tags as well.  This comes from decades of experience as consumers of latex products.  We know what fits and feels right! 

Measuring garment dimensions is a critical aspect of garment quality control. Most consumers care about the fit and comfort of a piece of clothing more than any other factor. But measurements can also be one of the hardest aspects of garment quality to manage with your supplier.

Latex clothing manufacturing is a labor-intensive process, which doesn’t lend itself to cookie-cutter consistency between pieces. Unlike injection-molded products and others that can be made with standardized production methods and equipment, garments are typically individually constructed.

Digital Factory.   We have invested heavily in technology, though even with that we prioritize the fair treatment of workers, artisans  and all our employees as well as minimize waste and energy usage during the construction of our products.   Our factory is state of the art with modern equipment and techniques for cutting and assembly

Of course, robots in fashion manufacturing have not come without challenges. For example, cutting fabrics with robotics has been possible for years, but gluing has been more difficult as robots are not ideal for certain textiles like pliables, latex or elastics for example.

Ordering Latex clothes from us is a conscious choice where every single detail is designed to meet clients’ preferences. Every garment is made to to our standard sizes or using the Made 2 Measure System to your exact personal body measurements with quality insurance processes which meet or exceed industry standards which  ensure impeccable quality delivered to your door!


In the end you have a choice where you can buy your shiny things.   We feel we are the best possible choice and we will prove that with every time we deliver to you. 


Robots have traditionally been ideal to perform tedious, repetitive tasks on the assembly lines in factories. However, even with the latest advancements have equipped robots with memory and agility making them highly programmable and collaborative.  this about making smarter workers, and also keeping humans safe by replacing them in dangerous situations where robots can do the job!  



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