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Order Process

Order Process and states your order can be in

Order Process

When you order from us communication to you about your order is very important to us.  As such our system will email you about your order state as it progresses through our factory processes.    Each time an order passes from one state to another you’ may get an email (depending on your communications preferences)     Below are the major states your order can pass through are documented.    We may add or subtract states as the factory evolves so check back here from time to time if you want to see whats up with a state you’ve been notified about.       As always, when our system emails you, if you have questions you  can reply and a ticket will be opened at our help desk.  You’ll get an automated reply within a few minutes of this.   If you don’t receive a reply within a day, you might want to check your junk folder or anti-spam software as if you don’t get the ticket auto-response you won’t get our replies to the ticket answering your question!    


An order is in Queued  state when it has been accepted by our system but hasn’t been paid for yet.      This happens when payment methods that are not immediately funded are used.  Examples of this are Zelle, Wire Transfers, eChecks via paypal etc.    Basically it means that we’ve got the order and we are just waiting for the payment to arrive.  

If you think you’ve paid for an order and you see it still in queued after a few business days, feel free to contact by replying to the email we sent you.  Or email us from the registered account with the order number.    Sometimes our system won’t automatically update if there is an issue in the payment; or only a partial payment was recieved.     So when in doubt please just ask us.   

Queued Factory / Factory Queued

In this state, we’ve gotten the order over into the production line and its waiting for the factory to being work.   Everything is good to go with the payment and its in line to be produced.     If there are any delays that are out of the ordinary we will send you an email and let you know.   

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